Holiday villas in idyllic surroundings

Holiday villas in idyllic surroundings

Nestled in sumptuous settings, vacation villas offer exceptional places to relax for all holidaymakers. Travel Paradise offers villas and charming dwellings accessible year-round for memorable vacations in a stunning setting. They feature all the equipment and facilities you need to make the most of your stay.

Exceptional villas for your vacations

Authentic tailor-made accommodation

Bali, the ultimate paradise destination

Discover the charms of Bali, its beaches, and its idyllic scenery.

The Bahamas and its crystal-clear waters

Dive into the crystal-clear waters and beaches of the Bahamas.

Coron and El Nido, the pearls of the Philippines

A relaxing detour to the paradise islands of the Philippines

Patagonia: Cape Horn and Tierra del Fuego

Discover the wonders of Patagonia's mythical sites.

At the very least, a good traveler packs

What to pack

Important documents (identity papers, bank cards, passports, etc.) are the first things to pack in your suitcase.

At the very least, a good traveler packs a few changes of clothes, hygiene products, various useful travel accessories, and a first-aid kit. You can also pack cameras, extra batteries, a flashlight, and road maps in your suitcase to deal with eventualities.

At the very least, a good traveler packs
What to pack

It's possible to combine business trips with a family holiday!

Combining a business trip with a family vacation is perfectly feasible. All you need to do is plan your schedule so that you have time for work and free time to spend with your family, enjoying a wide range of tourist activities: walks and hikes, museum visits, creative workshops, water sports, etc.

What means of transport should I choose?

Cars and bicycles let you get around at your own pace. To get from one place to another more quickly, it’s best to opt for a trip by train, streetcar, or plane. Cruise ships and hot-air balloons are also a good alternative.


Car rental

Rent a car to get around at your own pace.


Bike touring

Take advantage of an ecological and practical way to get around.


Train travel

Get around by train and admire the scenery along the way.

Eco-friendly campsites by the sea

Eco-friendly campsites by the sea

Whether you’re a water sports enthusiast, a nature lover, or simply in search of tranquility, eco-friendly campsites by the sea offer an experience that harmoniously combines the well-being of the environment with that of travelers.
These campsites emphasize sustainability by using renewable energies, promoting recycling, and preserving coastal ecosystems. You can enjoy the natural beauty of the beach while contributing to its preservation.

Water sports and leisure activities

Whether in the sea, lake, or river, water sports are a refreshing way to reconnect with the beauty of the natural environment while getting in some physical exercise. There are a variety of options to satisfy your thirst for aquatic adventure

Scuba diving

Scuba diving to explore the seabed and discover the nature and animals that inhabit the oceans


Enjoy the pleasures of paddling a canoe, and discovering new landscapes, canals, and currents.


Windsurfing allows you to admire the beaches from the sea, challenge the waves, and surf the water at your own pace.